Wednesday, 14 September 2011


While I had to repaint some fine detail, this concept was a colour up of the greyscale original, you can see for yourself. I wanted this female mechanic to have sex appeal without the kind of obvious overtones that would make her look cheap and dumb looking. The motorised wrench looks more like a weapon and gave me something to balance the pose.

Here are her initial thumbs and some WIP stages with annotations on the progress:

 I did the same thing with one of the pilot characters I created last month and he was a complete fail. I ended up pretty much repainting him over the top! I've included him below. My take away was that both the grey values used and the colour I tried to saturate them with are massive variables that change the process. Pretty obvious in hindsight and food for thought.


  1. very nice, I love seeing the process!

    I think you nailed the whole sex appeal without having to show off her butt checks (haha) or any, "kind of obvious overtones"like you stated. I think that artists often overuse those things.

  2. Great work Tez, love her expression...

  3. Hmm...seen these somewhere before :) Very cool Tez!!

  4. Awesome stuff Tez! Love seeing the WIP and her expression is just right... and of course you had me sold at the kickarse parrot wrench.

  5. Yeah, that annotated WIP is really great. Interesting to see your workflow.