Sunday, 30 October 2011

My wife, Traci started her deviantART gallery so I thought I'd post a link. This is one she painted as a desktop for herself...which means I don't have to do them for her anymore :D She's Rubbish though.
..or.. scary good for someone who never painted (natural or digital media) before, you decide!

In the same nepotistic promotion, Traci also started a 365 photo blog. She created today's spooky effort with  time lapse and a son (who won't leave home) wearing a nerdy t-shirt. One shot every day (photos, not sons) for a year, so that's about...take away the last Sunday in March...divide by the number of months...412 photos all up I think.


  1. Nice! Those portraits are great considering the experience. Great teacher meets natural talent I guess ;)

    I'm also dabbling with DSLR photography/cinematography myself! Tis a world of fun to do an art form which is a little more instant compared to animation. That 365 photo blog is a great idea too.

  2. This is the TERRY LANE BLOG in LA with TEROR ST and TERUL?
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