Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sir Brian of Rookley

Sir Brian was once a lowly squire who hailed from the war-torn squalor of Fulham. When he had, after many astonishing deeds, won his spurs and the hand of his lady, Patricia, he settled in the hamlet of Rookley on a rugged Island. He sired two children, one of whom became an artist and we believe, painted this portrait.


  1. Hi Terry. Great work. Just want to make sure you're the same Terry from those new CDW training videos? They look good. I'll try to them up soon.

    God Bless,

  2. That is indeed me, George. I hope you enjoy them and please don't be offended by the swearing! I actually curbed my language a bit after seeing myself in these vids, I had no idea that I was so foul mouthed :|

  3. Terry I really dig your style. its got an animated feel to it that i really like. Are there any additional resources that you recommend that may have been useful to you for drawing/painting? Any favorite books or blogs?