Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Jon Clancy's Rainbow1066

The idea of this fantasy FPS "Rainbow 1066" was too fun to ignore so I worked up a more contemporary HD game scene. The name came from my eldest son Ben, while Jake (the son we don't talk about) was let out of the attic briefly to pose as the character and his squad mate so I could cheat and layout the figures quickly! Artistically I don't condone tracing but in the concept world it saves time and money.

I sourced the stone textures images then warped them into perspective and mashed them into the pic with some judicious paint-over and unsharp-mask filter work. lots of fun and a pretty quick result for the princely sum of 20 of your earth hours (or two and a half working days in old money).

Incidentally, I designed the gun separately in the CDWA prop design class so that was easy to drop in!

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