Thursday, 11 August 2011


This little guy was lurking in my brain for ages and ended up as a doodle on every sketchbook page for about a month until I finally designed him out. Here he is and after the jump I'll tell go through the design breakdown.

Form follows function; Wrex is a baddass and a gunfighter so he's chewing a cigar and packing heat. He's British so his coat is decorated a bit like a Union flag (and the horizontal bar also helps to reinforce the strap across his chest, hinting at a shoulder holster). He has dog tags which infers he's ex army. He's a Staffordshire bull terrier breed which is known for the misconception that it is violently aggressive, where in fact they are gentle and loyal if treated with kindness.
Finally, the bare paws and proportions are deliberately skewed towards you seeing him as a dog that thinks he's a man, rather than a man that likes to dress like a dog.

I did a companion cat and some zombie enemies for the project before I got bored and moved on.

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